a very belated jumper write up…..


Approximately a million years ago I started to make a Carpino by Carol Feller. I’d had my eye on the pattern for ages but was putting off making it because I was trying to have a little break from alpaca ( I realised that most of my jumpers were made of Drops alpaca and it was all looking a bit samey…). After my success in unravelling Funky Grandpa to make an awesome Natsumi (which I love and wear all of the time) I decided to unravel an unsuccessful Snowbird in the hope of turning it into a lovely Carpino.


You can see the pattern better in this picture.

As I was unravelling an older project the fabric was a bit more felted and not so keen to come apart. Because of that I ended up with smaller lengths of felty wool to work with. I wound it all up into large balls and it was easy to work with. The pattern was super easy to follow and came together really quickly.

Annoyingly I finished the jumper just as the weather got warmer so I haven’t got around to wearing it yet. I’m also not quite sure about the neckline which sticks up a bit….  Now that the autumn is making a reappearance I’m looking forward to digging this jumper back out. I think it’s going to be a great autumn jumper but an even better layering top when the winter comes in.


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