I’ve learned to crochet!

I’d been meaning to learn to crochet for quite a while but hadn’t quite got around to it.  I thought it might be good for my arthritis to have an alternative to knitting and also I really love the look of granny square blankets.

During a quiet afternoon at Knit with attitude I persuaded Jess to teach me how to crochet a granny square. It turns out she’s a very good teacher and I picked it up much more quickly than I thought I would. I’ve tried before and got a but confused so I think it was helpful to have someone there to demonstrate (I have a feeling I’m more of a kinetic learner).

I’ve really got into making  crochet squares and I’ve done quite few so far. I got some good tips from Bunny Mummy’s blog .

I’m really enjoying it, it’s almost as addictive as knitting! I’m still working on getting my squares perfect, at the moment they’re not all coming out exactly the same size and there are some  messy bits, but I’m getting there!

I’m not sure how useful it will be for my arthritis. I have a theory that a change in hand movement would be helpful (so that I’m not just completing a repetitive knitting movement all the time).  It feels very hard on the joint at the base of my thumb and it’s hard to tell if it’s better or worse than knitting for my hands overall.  I’m sure that ideally I’d stop knitting or crocheting when my hands hurt. But, in reality, I get so frustrated when I have to just sit there without anything to do  that I end up focusing on how much pain I’m in which makes it worse.  I guess that there’s no ‘right’ thing to do. I do very find it very annoying that as autumn rolls around and I really want to get knitting the change in temperature (and rain!) really sets off my arthritis. I’m currently day-dreaming about moving somewhere warmer where it doesn’t rain…maybe the Caribbean….I wouldn’t actually be able to wear my knitwear…… but it would be like a miracle cure…..plus  think of all the yoga I could do *stares dreamily into space*…….