Wave and box hat- test knit

This is my first ever test knit. Its the Wave and box hat by Aimee Nicholson. I used Garnstudio DROPS Lima because it’s reasonably priced and I like the colours they have at the moment. As you can see I was feeling very brave when I was ordering the wool as I went for a contrasting orange and green. It’s not subtle but I rather like it! Some cheerful colour for a dark and depressing time of year!

The repeat was super easy to follow and remember so I didn’t need to be looking at the pattern every five minutes. The instructions were also well written and clear. It was a very quick knit too!


I’m not sure why my boyfriend decided to take the picture from the side of my face with the huge spot on it…..

The hat is designed to be a close fitting beanie style but mine came out a little bit big. It wasn’t a huge surprise when that happened as my gauge was a bit off. I went down to a 4mm needle need rather than a 4.5mm for the main body of the hat. I didn’t want to go down any further than that as it would have made the fabric quite stiff and put a bit of strain on my hands. This is almost certainly more of a comment on my loose knitting than the pattern though. I’m always off gauge! To get around the sizing issue I blocked it out as though it were a beret and I think it’s come out rather well! All in all I’m pleased with it!


Christmas Knitting


Knotty but nice hat

This year I decided to make some little presents for my family for Christmas. I know that some people hate home made presents but my family are a crafty bunch so I don’t feel  too guilty!

For my sister’s boyfriend I made a Knotty but Nice hat by Natalie Larson. I went for an aran weight to make things a bit quicker. My first try came out huuuuuge so I took out a pattern repeat to make it a bit more head sized!  I’m hoping I haven’t gone too far the other way and made it too small…….

The pattern is a free one from Knitty. It’s well written and clear and takes no time at all.  I used Viking of Norway Eco-Ull  which was a treat to knit with. It looks nice and robust but isn’t too scratchy on the hands.


Turn a square

For my Dad I made Turn A Square by Jared Flood. I’ve tried this pattern before but it came out far too big. I think my gauge is a bit off for Brooklyn Tweed patterns. In the end I took out quite a few stitches to get it to a more reasonable size.

I used Viking of Norway Eco-Ull again. The cream and the brown really compliment each other. I’ve made my Dad a hat before which he’s worn so I’m hopeful that he’ll like this one!


For my sister I made another pair of  Merletto Mitts . I used the same modifications as I used for mine as I think we probably have similar sized hands. I used drops alpaca which is more or less my favourite wool to work with. The colour hasn’t come out very well in the pictures. In the flesh it’s a very dark purple. My sister loves purple so its perfect for her. It was a bit annoying to work with though because it’s so dark I could hardly see what I was doing.

Hopefully everyone will like their presents!

Toasty warm hands


Last year I made myself a new pair of hand warmers and then promptly left them at a friend’s house. I couldn’t be doing with making a replacement pair straight away so I went back to a tatty old pair and kept them for the rest of the winter. They have now started to unravel rather a lot and are making me look a bit like Fagin so I finally gave in and started making a new pair.

I treated myself to some lovely Mirasol Tuhn which is a blend of baby llama, merino and angora. It’s super soft and I love the rich red. It came from my lovely friend Maya’s wool shop Knit with Attitude. Maya has just moved into a new shop on Stoke Newington High Street and it’s lovely! If you live in North London you should go along and check it out!

I was feeling a bit lazy so I made up the pattern. It’s a really simple cable with increases for the thumb. I thought I’d be really careful in writing down what I did for the first hand warmer ….. however when I went back to my notes to make the second it turned out that I’d just scribbled down some random numbers which didn’t make much sense…. I tried to guess what I’d done which more or less worked except for the thumb. I’m not entirely sure how I managed it but the second thumb is considerably bigger than the first. Really I should have gone back and re-done it but I was so keen to get them finished and have toasty warm hands that I decided to just ignore it! I don’t think anyone will notice when I have them on!

Bridgewater blanket finished!

my finished Bridgewater blanket

I liked the Bridgewater I made for my Mum earlier in the year so much that I wanted to make a version for myself. It’s a fairly time-consuming project and I would have gone a bit mad if I had to work on exactly the same thing twice so I used 4 ply and 4mm needles to make it more of a blanket. I used Drops Alpaca and with the 4mm needles it gives an open fabric and a lovely soft blanket which I think looks very pretty. Drops Alpaca is almost certainly my current favourite wool.

The last time I made this project I made the rather fatal error of using dark wool which made the lace sections almost impossible to see in anything but bright daylight. I learnt my lesson this time around and used a nice light grey. I really like the colour and think it compliments the pattern very nicely.

It's hard to take a picture which shows how huge it is but this gives you an idea. Please excuse the messy book shelf!

As I was using much bigger needles I knew that it would turn out large but I didn’t realise quite how big it would get. As it’s knitted in the round for the final section before casting off I didn’t find out how huge it would be until I was casting off. I think that’s a good thing though as it makes it all the more snuggly.

The next time I’m making a lace project I really should invest in proper blocking pins. I tend to use ‘blocking’ as a rather extravagant term for washing and then stretching out on the spare bed on a towel. I know I’d get a much better finish and cleaner edges if I blocked properly. Perhaps I should make proper blocking my New Years resolution (maybe along with actually making a tension square…..).


I’m really pleased that it’s come out like a proper blanket and I’m really looking forward to snuggling up under it to watch TV or read a book. I am going to have to be very careful to keep the rabbits away from it though as it is exactly the kind of thing they like to chew!