Pomme de pin cardigan with massive buttons!


I had my eye on the Pomme de pin Cardigan by Amy Christoffers for quite a while.  I made a Larch Cardigan by the same designer a little while ago and I love it and wear it all the time.

I used Du Store Alpakka Mirasol which I got from Knit with attitude. I seem to have got really into knitting with beige and brown at the moment. It’s a bit boring but I really like this shade of brown……The wool was lovely to knit with; really soft and snuggly.


Here is it with the sleeves tacked in

Once I got going on the lace pattern it was pretty easy to remember (both straight and in the round). I did get a bit confused when I got to the decreases though. It took me a few goes to figure out what I needed to do and I got very annoyed when I had to keep undoing rows because I’d been randomly adding in stitches……I might have just been being a bit thick though.

I was a little bit slap-dash when I was sewing on the sleeves and collar. I did tack them in first but I still ended up bodging things a little when it came to the final sewing up. It’s turned out just fine though! I love the way that knitted fabric is so forgiving when it comes to seaming!


I really need a haircut…..

I loved the dad style buttons used in the original pattern. I have a real soft spot for this kind of button.  I searched about on the internet for ages but I just couldn’t find any big enough for this pattern. In the end I went for wooden buttons. As you can see they are HUGE! I was a bit worried when they first arrived  but once I’d sewn them on I was fully convinced! I do rather like big buttons so this cardigan makes me very happy.

awesome button

I have been wearing this non-stop since I finished it (even though it’s far too warm to wear it)!

My boyfriend took the photos while we were out picking blackberries. To start with it looked like our fellow fruit loving Londoners had beaten us to all of the good blackberries but then we found some secret bramble bushes and managed a really good haul.


Our blackberry haul

Then my awesome boyfriend made them into a super tasty pie for us!


A massive Breckon cardigan!


I have finished my Breckon! I am very pleased with it indeed! I love the colour, I love the wool and I think the lace has come out very well.

I wasn’t quite sure about the buttons when I was first sewing them on. I thought that they looked a bit small given the size of the button band. However now it’s all finished and blocked I think they look great! I really like wooden buttons and think they go particularly well with the felted tweed wool.

On the whole the pattern was pretty simple to follow. The lace repeat was easy to remember so I was able to stop looking at the pattern fairly quickly. The instructions for the button hole and button band were a bit of a pain though. Rather than specifying exactly where the button holes should be placed the instructions were really vague and meant I had to spend an annoying amount of time counting rows and measuring stuff and moving things about (I went for roughly every 17 rows). I think the spacing worked out alright but it was not the most fun evening I have ever had! I ignored the fancy button band bind-off as I am lazy. Instead I opted for a normal loose bind off which seems to be okay.


The cardigan doesn’t really go with what I’m wearing in this picture but I was super keen to blog about it but too lazy to get changed for a picture (especially a slightly questionable one taken in the mirror! ).

As with almost everything I make it has turned out rather huge. I suspected that it might when I was making it. I think that the reason why I’ve never started bothering to try and prevented my knitted items being on the big side is that I don’t mind my clothes baggy. I’d much rather something was too big than too small! The sleeves are the only really big problem as they are massively long! I’m going to have to turn over the cuff which makes me feel a bit like a child in a school jumper they need to ‘grow into’. I’m hoping that no-one will notice though! 


Breckon cardigan


Last spring I made myself a Larch Cardigan by Amy Christoffers . The pattern was easy to follow and more importantly I LOVE the cardigan. I wear it all the time, it’s super cozy and comfortable and it goes with most things. It has been worn so often that it is starting to look a tad bobbley…..luckily I like it so much that I don’t care!

As I liked the first Amy Christoffers pattern so much I was keen to try another one. I’ve had my eye on her Breckon  pattern for quite a while. I liked the idea of knitting it in Brooklyn Tweed Loft however I couldn’t work out a way to actually afford it. It looks lovely but its so expensive! Instead I’ve opted for Rowan Felted Tweed. I’ve used it lots of times before and I really like it. It comes in some great neutral colours, its really nice to work with and you get lots of yardage for your money.
I’m really enjoying the pattern so far. It’s really simple and the cable and lace are nice and repetitive so I don’t have to keep checking the pattern all of the time.


It will look much better when it’s blocked!

As with almost everything I knit I suspect that it is going to come out bigger than expected. I’ve only come down a little bit on the needle size and as my tension is very loose it will be bigger than it should be. However, I think that is going to be a good thing. I’ve been looking for a baggy cardigan in various shops for ages but I can’t seem to find anything that I like so maybe this can fill that gap! As I tend to be a little haphazard with my tension my knitting is always a bit of a surprise when it’s done. Sometimes something that looks awesome on the needles looks terrible on (my Beatnik is a case in point…) and other times I’m sure it will be terrible and then end up loving it!

As I love buttons far more than is healthy I’m very much looking forward to finding the right buttons for this. I’m thinking of some lovely wooden ones. It’s tricky to find wooden buttons that I actually like but hopefully I’ll be able to track some down.


Sometimes it’s great to have a simple project to knit!

The purl stitches are actually the same on both sides it’s just a slightly dodgy picture…..

It’s been a little while since my last post. I have been recovering from having my wisdom teeth out reeeeeeeeeeeeally sloooooooooowly! It’s been very frustrating and I can confirm that wishing yourself well and getting all upset about it isn’t an effective way of making yourself better. Indeed I think it make things take longer….. However I am once again able to eat actual food and off pain killers and antibiotics and I am very pleased about that.

While I have been feeling rubbish I have been very pleased to have my Boxy by Joji Locatelli to work on. I have made lots of progress as you can see. It was perfect for feeling grim (and dreaming of solid food) as it didn’t require me to use my brain in anyway; just knit around and around!

As you can see it is huge! I’ve made the smallest size.  While it was on the needles it looked stupidly big!  Once I’d bound off the shoulder though and  tried it on I realised that the outside edges actually form part of the sleeves. They go up to my elbows at the moment. My only concern now is how well it is going to drape. It’s a really light open fabric so I hope it will work nicely but there is a risk that it’ll be bulky under the arms.

At the moment the bottom is curling under. This is a little bit worrying as a curled-under bottom will look a bit odd in such baggy jumper. However when I made Larch it curled under at the bottom but came out after blocking so I’m hopeful that the same thing will happen again.

I’m really loving the colour that I have chosen. It’s a sort of oaty/biscuity brown tone (drops alpaca 0618 if you’re interested). When you’re ordering onlineIt can be pretty hit and miss in terms of exact shade ( I once thought I was ordering grey and ended up with purple) so its pleasing to guess right this time.

All I need to do now is pick up the stitches along the neckline and the sleeves and then I’m done. I’ve had to stop for a little while as my arthritis is playing up. It’s very annoying as I’m itching to get it finished as see how it looks!

Larch cardigan- finished!

It look a bit like the hem is uneven in this picture but it isn’t really I promise!

I’ve finished my Larch Cardigan by Amy Christoffers. I am very pleased with it indeed. So pleased in fact that I was happy to wear it for pictures on a day that is far too hot to need a cardy (I took it off straight afterwards).

I used Garnstudio DROPS Alpaca for this pattern and once again I loved it. It’s cheaper than most other alpaca, lovely to knit with and really soft to wear. I used some of the wool I had left over from making my Bridgewater Blanket which felt like another money saving. I really like the colour and think it’s great for a summer cardigan.

I used 3.5mm needles for a lovely open fabric.  I really like the way this has turned out in the final cardigan. It was a little tricky with the bind-offs as I had to make them really loose to stop the fabric from puckering around a really tight bind-off. Before blocking it looked a bit dodgy where I’d cast off around the neckline (before picking up the stitches) but now it looks fine.

If I was making it again I would add on little pockets like annabear2005 has done here. I think it looks really cool and I love pockets. However, it’s too late for that now so my only option is patch pockets. I have a little bit off wool left so I might give it a go.

As you can see I haven’t put any buttons on yet and I’m not sure if I will.  I tend to think that buttons just at the top emphasise your tummy and highlight any sign of a gut (this would particularly bad after lots of cake and I am very partial to cake).

The pattern was really well written and easy to follow and over all this was a very simple knit. Picking up the stitches for the collar was a bit annoying but I got into the rhythm of it in the end. It took me a little while to figure out that I needed to stop picking up stitches at the end of the curve before the straight cast off stitches. The twisted rib became very tedious in the end but it looks nice so it was worth it.

All in all I am very pleased!

Larch Cardigan by Amy Christoffers

While I’m fiddling around with lace and counting repeats with my Hélène by Veronik Avery I need a simple project when my brain needs a break. The Larch Cardigan by Amy Christoffers fits the bill perfectly.

I”m making it with Garnstudio DROPS Alpaca in grey. I’ve used the exact same wool and in the exact same colour before and I really liked it so I’ve decided to use it again. I’m after a really loose fabric so I’ve used 3.5mm needles.

I’m very please with progress so far and I’m very excited about finishing it!