A massive Breckon cardigan!


I have finished my Breckon! I am very pleased with it indeed! I love the colour, I love the wool and I think the lace has come out very well.

I wasn’t quite sure about the buttons when I was first sewing them on. I thought that they looked a bit small given the size of the button band. However now it’s all finished and blocked I think they look great! I really like wooden buttons and think they go particularly well with the felted tweed wool.

On the whole the pattern was pretty simple to follow. The lace repeat was easy to remember so I was able to stop looking at the pattern fairly quickly. The instructions for the button hole and button band were a bit of a pain though. Rather than specifying exactly where the button holes should be placed the instructions were really vague and meant I had to spend an annoying amount of time counting rows and measuring stuff and moving things about (I went for roughly every 17 rows). I think the spacing worked out alright but it was not the most fun evening I have ever had! I ignored the fancy button band bind-off as I am lazy. Instead I opted for a normal loose bind off which seems to be okay.


The cardigan doesn’t really go with what I’m wearing in this picture but I was super keen to blog about it but too lazy to get changed for a picture (especially a slightly questionable one taken in the mirror! ).

As with almost everything I make it has turned out rather huge. I suspected that it might when I was making it. I think that the reason why I’ve never started bothering to try and prevented my knitted items being on the big side is that I don’t mind my clothes baggy. I’d much rather something was too big than too small! The sleeves are the only really big problem as they are massively long! I’m going to have to turn over the cuff which makes me feel a bit like a child in a school jumper they need to ‘grow into’. I’m hoping that no-one will notice though! 



Breckon cardigan


Last spring I made myself a Larch Cardigan by Amy Christoffers . The pattern was easy to follow and more importantly I LOVE the cardigan. I wear it all the time, it’s super cozy and comfortable and it goes with most things. It has been worn so often that it is starting to look a tad bobbley…..luckily I like it so much that I don’t care!

As I liked the first Amy Christoffers pattern so much I was keen to try another one. I’ve had my eye on her Breckon  pattern for quite a while. I liked the idea of knitting it in Brooklyn Tweed Loft however I couldn’t work out a way to actually afford it. It looks lovely but its so expensive! Instead I’ve opted for Rowan Felted Tweed. I’ve used it lots of times before and I really like it. It comes in some great neutral colours, its really nice to work with and you get lots of yardage for your money.
I’m really enjoying the pattern so far. It’s really simple and the cable and lace are nice and repetitive so I don’t have to keep checking the pattern all of the time.


It will look much better when it’s blocked!

As with almost everything I knit I suspect that it is going to come out bigger than expected. I’ve only come down a little bit on the needle size and as my tension is very loose it will be bigger than it should be. However, I think that is going to be a good thing. I’ve been looking for a baggy cardigan in various shops for ages but I can’t seem to find anything that I like so maybe this can fill that gap! As I tend to be a little haphazard with my tension my knitting is always a bit of a surprise when it’s done. Sometimes something that looks awesome on the needles looks terrible on (my Beatnik is a case in point…) and other times I’m sure it will be terrible and then end up loving it!

As I love buttons far more than is healthy I’m very much looking forward to finding the right buttons for this. I’m thinking of some lovely wooden ones. It’s tricky to find wooden buttons that I actually like but hopefully I’ll be able to track some down.


Vernalis hat by Wolly Wormhead- finished!

I’ve been wearing the same slouchy copy cat hat for about 2 years now so I thought it was time for a new one.

I didn’t look very closely at the pattern and I thought it was for lace weight wool but it was actually for 4-ply. Luckily I have lots of felted tweed lying about so I didn’t have to buy anything. That meant I had to make it stripy and I’m not sure that it quite works with the pattern…..

Now it’s finished it’s a little on the big side. I guess that’s the felted tweed which is on the big side for 4 ply. I also think it would look better without stripes or at least with wider stripes.

I like the pattern though so I think I’ll try it again in another wool. I quite like it though!

Minimalist cardigan

After the slight disappointment with snowbird I was a bit nervous about starting a new project in case it went wrong! To make sure it turned out well I reverted to my old favourite wool- felted tweed. I also picked a really simple pattern Minimalist Cardigan by Ruthie Nussbaum. I’ve been meaning to make this for a few years.

The pattern was a really quick and simple knit. Although the moss stitch did get a bit boring after a while! There isn’t any shaping so I wasn’t sure about how flattering the fit would be but now it’s finished I love it! I made one modification to the pattern picking up the stitches around the stocking stitch edging and finishing with an i-cord bind off. This has stopped the stocking stitch from rolling in and giving a bit more structure to the neck.

It’s been while since I made a cardigan which needed the sleeves setting in and forgotten how great it looks. Although I still love a raglan sleeve!

So in summary I love this! The wool is great, the fit is flattering, the colour is lovely and the moss stitch adds a really interesting texture.