Autumn leaves stole – just in time for the weather getting colder!


Ideally I would have used some lovely pictures taken in the park with lots of lovely autumn leaves around but it’s mainly been raining so you’ll have to make do with a self-timer picture and a messy bedroom….

Autumn knitting can often be a race against time to get your toasty new garments ready for the weather to turn. I’m sure that there are organised people out there who start at the end of summer to make sure they have their stuff ready on time but I am not one of them! Luckily for me the autumn has been pretty mild in the UK so far and I have cast off my Autumn Leaves Stole just in time for the winter chill to start creeping in!


I used Garnstudio DROPS Alaska in 58 Senf. It felt like a bold choice when I ordered it as I often stick to greys and browns but I love it!  I’m really into oranges and yellows at the moment, it must be the change of seasons! The wool was a total bargain £1.60 a ball from The Wool Warehouse. I was slightly concerned that the wool wouldn’t be soft enough when I first started knitting with it but now it’s been washed it’s lovely and soft!


This is the first project I’ve made on my cubic needles. I’m really pleased with them and I’m sure that they have helped my hands. Luckily you can’t spot where I switched from round needles to the cubics!

The pattern is really simple to follow and the repeats are easy to remember. It looks like it’s going to be quite small until you block it and then it grows massively!  I was really good and did a proper kitchener stitch to joint the two pieces together. I’m glad I made the effort as it looks really good and you can’t see the join at all!


I wanted to make sure that I didn’t lose the points at the end of the leaves and the width of the stole in blocking so I made more effort that usual. I stretched it right out and fiddled about until I could find an angle that I could fit it across the bed (it’s massive so that was a bit difficult!) and then pinned it down to the duvet. I wasn’t quite sure if it  would work or if the pins would rust but in the end it turned out just fine!


Here it is blocking out the (slightly messy) spare bed. I’m not sure what I thought that towel would achieve!

I’m super pleased with how it’s turned out. I’ve worn it a couple of times now and it’s really warm and snuggly plus the colour is so cheerful on a dark rainy day.


Cheapskate scarf – free pattern

A couple of years ago I made this plaited scarf. It’s based on a very pretty scarf I saw in a shop. I liked the scarf  but it was both acrylic and expensive so I decided to embrace all things recession and take apart a scarf I’d made (but didn’t really like) and fashion it into a bit of a copy. I imagine I looked very suspect as I keep going in to the shop to look at the same scarf and counting the stitches…….

Should you want to make one yourself the pattern is below.

3 balls Rowan Little Big Wool
9mm needles

The scarf is made up of 3 knitted strips platted together and it’s really simple!

Strip 1
Cast on 7 stiches (whichever cast on method you prefer- it doesn’t matter)
R1: [K1,P1]x3, K1
R2: [P1, K1]x3P1
Repeat these 2 rows until the knitted strip is as long as you would like your scarf to be. I made mine around 104 inches.
Place the stitches on a holder or scrap yarn

Strip 2 and strip 3
Repeat process for Strip 1.

Finishing up
Using a 4 needle bind off to cast off the live stitches at the bottom of all 3 of your strips of knitting. Plait your strips together as tightly or as loosely as you’d like.
Sew together the 3 ends.
Admire your new scarf!

Autumn Leaves- finished!


My Autumn Leaves Stole- I think it looks very pretty.

My Autumn Leaves Stole by Jared Flood is now finished and I’m very pleased!

I started it as a way to use up some aran that I’ve had lying around  and to pass the time while I was off work.  I wasn’t sure how the stripes would look but it’s come out really well and I really like way the colours work together. The lace pattern was easy to follow and because of the big wool and needles it was a really quick knit.

My hand looks very large in this picture but you can see how snuggly the scarf is. Another picture where I have wet hair though....

The pattern is knitted in two parts and then grafted together. This meant that I finally had to get around to working out how to do kitchener stitch. I thought it was going to be tricky but with the Knitty tutorial it was quite easy.

The scarf comes out lovely and long and its also quite wide so it’s really nice and warm. The winter is sneaking in and it’s getting colder so it’s a perfect time so have a lovely warm scarf. Also because I made it from wool I had lying around it was practically free!  Now I just need to knit myself a new hat and I am ready for the proper cold weather.