Sorbetto v.2

my new Sorbetto (and my slightly skanky looking kitchen door)

I liked my first Sorbetto so much that I decided to make another one. I adapted the pattern a little bit to make it a bit longer (I think I added 2 inches) as the last one was a little shorter than I wanted. I really enjoyed sewing it as it’s really easy, super quick, and I rather enjoy putting on a bit of bias binding.

Once I’d finished the hem and given it a press I was very excited to try it. However when I did I was somewhat underwhelmed. I like the pattern of the fabric but I’m not sure that I like it as a top. I think it might be better as a cushion. I used the scraps to make another cover for my home made draft excluder and it looked really nice (I’d put up a picture of that up but the bunnies got to it and tore some little holes in it before I could take a picture- they are very naughty).

I also think it’s a little bit too big. It’s the same pattern I used for the last top so I’m not quite sure how it could be bigger. It might be the fabric, although I’m not sure how that would work. Or maybe it’s the extra length…..

I’m going to put it in the wardrobe and see if it grows on me in a few weeks.



My Sorbetto

You can just about make out the top in the gloom....

Now that my sewing machine is working again I wanted to make a new top. I had some lilac and white stripped fabric hanging around so I thought I’d have a go at Sorbetto.

I’d never done darts or worked with bias binding before so I thought it would be good practise. I thought that it would be really hard and take ages but actually it was fairly easy and only took a couple of hours. I think cutting out the bits of the pattern and sticking them together was the most time consuming part.

I didn’t check the size of the pattern as I was printing so it turned out a little bit smaller than it should have done. It would have been a bit tricky to check the measurements on the test square while trying to print it out at work on the sly. It’s come out okay for size. I didn’t quite have enough fabric for a hem so I used bias binding instead. I quite like the finished hem so I think I might do that for hems in the future.

I’m really pleased with the finished top. You can’t see very well from the photo above as it was quite dark and a bit cold so I forgot to take my cardy off for the picture. I wore the top to work and think it counts as a success as no-one asked me if I’d made it (I always take that as a hint that it looks a bit rough around the edges).

I like it so much that I’m planning to make another one. There’s a pattern on-line for little sleeves which I’d like to try. I’m quite excited about it!

Not sure why I didn't move the bag off my wardrobe before I took this picture....