Still Light Tunic- finished

I should point out that my hair is wet here- I haven't taken to using wet look gel also I didn't notice how messy our bedroom is until I saw the photo....

My Still Light Tunic by Veera Välimäki is finished. It’s blocked and dried and I’ve sewn the button on.

I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out. My main worry was that it would be a bit tight around the hips (I’m a tad on the pear shaped side) but there’s plenty of room. The weave is nice and close  too so there’s no problem with it being a bit see-through.

It has come out a bit longer than expected, I went a bit on the long side to make such it didn’t come out too short (nothing worse than a dress that doesn’t cover your bum). I must have forgotten that I’m not actually very tall……

All in all I like it very much. The pockets are very cool and it’s cozy and warm without being too hot.  I’ve already worn it once and I’m looking forward to wearing it again!


Knitting and illness

I’ve been signed off work for just over a month now. Frankly I hate being ill. It doesn’t suit me. I am far too impatient and fidgety to make a good patient. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good sit down, cup of tea and indulgent watch of the telly as much as they next person, but it’s not nearly as much fun when you’re having a rest forced upon you. Luckily for me I’m not bed bound and I can get out and  about in the sunshine (when the british ‘summer’ allows for it!). However my energy seems to have all but deserted me.  So, while London and all it’s fun and life are on my doorstep, I’m limited to the amount I can do and for a large portion of the day I’m not up to much more than sitting on the sofa. In the past week I’ve also picked up a delightful head cold which seems to have sapped the energy that I had left over (not being able to breathe has that effect on a girl!)

Luckily for me I have a lovely house to hang out in, a couple of very cute bunnies to keep me company and a delightful boyfriend to bring me treats. However even with all this good fortune  there is a limit to the amount of podcasts that can be listened to and This Morning that can be watched before boredom could start to set in. This is where being a knitter comes in handy. Knitting is perfect for when you’re ill for the following reasons:

a) It’s an ideal accompaniment for watching the TV or listening to the radio.
b) The repetitive action is very calming (like a little meditation) and relaxation is just the thing you need to get you better faster.
c) It can be as challenging or as simple as you like depending on how you’re feeling and how wooly your brain might be.
d) You don’t actually need to leave the house to start a new project as you can get everything you need delivered to your door.

With so many amazing patterns out there and so much lovely wool to work with I’ve had no time to get bored. So far I have started two new projects. The first is Autumn Leaves Stole by Jared Flood to use up some of my stash and to keep my brain occupied.  The second is Audrey In Unst by Gudrun Johnston (my third knit of this pattern but who’s counting) as it’s nice and simple for when my brain is feeling fuzzy. The next project on my list is Still Light Tunic by Veera Välimäki. I’m so excited about starting the Tunic that my Audrey is coming along super quickly and I might even be finished in the next couple of days. It’s pretty hard to feel too despondent when you’ve got a lovely cup of tea, some cake and lots of wool to knit up!

So, while I am very much hoping for a speedy recovery so that I can get back to work (and to exploring all the fun London has to offer!) in the mean time I’m going to make the most of this unexpected extra knitting time. You’ll find me curled up drinking tea trying to decide what to knit next.