Is it lazy to make the same hat twice?


Sorry for the dark photo…..It’s super rainy and dark today so it was practically impossible to take a good picture…

Some how I have managed to keep the same hat for a couple of years without loosing it – a Vernalis by Woolly Wormhead. This is a minor miracle as hats normally disappear in weeks on tubes, trains and buses…. After surviving so admirably (and keeping my head warm for two winters) the  hat is finally starting to look a bit sad and stretched out so its time for a new one.


Here’s the old hat when it was shiny and new.

I probably should have scoured Ravelry for hours to try and find a new hat patten that I like. But I’m lazy and I couldn’t be bothered so I just dug out the same Vernalis pattern and made another one! I’m quite fussy about hats. I think it’s quite hard to find hats that look nice on curly hair…. if it’s too much of a beanie then you get a tight hat keeping your hair in and then at the bottom of the hat big hair tying to escape which looks weird……

I used Garnstudio DROPS Alpaca in the same colour as the hand warmers I just made. Mainly because I had some left over  but also because I quite like the idea of being matchy. This isn’t the ideal wool for this pattern as the fluffy texture and variegated wool distract from the pattern. I suspected that would be the case so I don’t mind too much. I think it’s come out really well. It looks much better in real life than it does in the photo at the top.

For some reason this version of the hat has come out quite a bit smaller than the last one.  I’m not entirely sure why. It could be any of the following:

  • I might not have stretched it out enough when I blocked it. I was in a bit of a hurry so I think I just dunked it and then left it on the bed to dry before rushing off somewhere.
  • I might have missed out one of the pattern repeats before the decreases. I was in a hurry to get it finished.
  • It might only look bigger than the old one because the old one has stretched.

I think it would have looked a little bit better if it was a tiny bit bigger. However on the plus side it is less likely to fall of my head when I’m running for the bus (which happened quite a bit with the old one)!

I’m quite looking forward to it getting colder so that I can wear it!


A much better Vernalis

It is a very pretty pattern

I was at a lovely wool shop near Bournemouth last weekend and spied some pretty Sublime Yarns Extra Fine Merino Wool 4 Ply in a rather lovely shade of green (it looks like blue in the picture above but it is green I promise) so I decided to make myself a second version of the Vernalis  hat by Woolly Wormhead.

I was really eager to get started as it’s getting chilly and I need a hat! As I had some kind of weird bug this week I did lots of knitting to try to distract myself from the epic headache that came with the bug. I was able to finish it yesterday and it is blocked and drying out now. I think it looks much better in the Merino than the felted tweed did as the stitch definition is much clearer. It also reduced the size a little. I also made the ribbing on the brim a little smaller (I only knitted it for about an inch) and took out one pattern repeat to make it smaller. I suspect I might have a small head!

The merino wasn’t cheap but it was really nice to work with- although it was a little bit squeaky at times. The hat took just over 1 ball of wool which is slightly irritating as now I have two-thirds of a ball of wool left over. I’m sure I can use it up in a striped hat a some point though.

I can’t wait for this to dry so that I will have a nice warm head as the weather gets colder! I like it so much that I’m going to make one for my sister for Christmas.

My second Vernalis hat drying out

Vernalis hat by Wolly Wormhead- finished!

I’ve been wearing the same slouchy copy cat hat for about 2 years now so I thought it was time for a new one.

I didn’t look very closely at the pattern and I thought it was for lace weight wool but it was actually for 4-ply. Luckily I have lots of felted tweed lying about so I didn’t have to buy anything. That meant I had to make it stripy and I’m not sure that it quite works with the pattern…..

Now it’s finished it’s a little on the big side. I guess that’s the felted tweed which is on the big side for 4 ply. I also think it would look better without stripes or at least with wider stripes.

I like the pattern though so I think I’ll try it again in another wool. I quite like it though!